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Each piece of jewelry is


because each and every one is


with beautiful intention and


Hey y'all,

I'm Elizabeth, the designer here at Charlie's Market.  I grew up in Lewisburg, West Virginia. It's a small WV town full of lovely locals, mountain adventures, and farmland. And to my free-spirited hearts surprise, I continue to call this sleepy little town home.

I've been an artist at heart since I was a little girl with an arm full of friendship bracelets and a room full of doodles. 


My first designs began with rusty skeleton keys given to my by my grandfather, Charlie. After mentioning my need of them for a project, he traipsed up the hill to his old shed, returning with a bag full of odd-and-end keys he had collected through the years. He knew they would one day have purpose. 

That was kind of his thing. There was never a soul too worn out or tattered to be tossed out. He had a heart as big as the sky and wanted new life in Christ for every person he met. 

When he passed, I designed necklaces for each aunt and cousin as a token of his love for them and as a reminder to continue on with his legacy. 

From that point on, I've had a desire to create beautiful, meaningful jewelry so that you, too, can have a piece of legacy.

Of course, now I use a little more color and usually the focal pieces are new, but my intent is still the same. I want you to feel beautiful and worthy and overwhelmingly loved. 

Here's to today!



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