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Elizabeth grew up in a small, southern West Virginia town. At a young age, she found that creating things with her hands was something she not only enjoyed but that it was a gift. 

With a mother who loved exploring antique shops, Elizabeth soon found a passion for them. By repurposing old wornout jewelry and knick-knacks, she gave them new life and each piece had a story to tell.


Her first designs began with rusty skeleton keys given to her by her grandfather, Charlie. After mentioning her need of them for a project, he traipsed up the hill to his old shed, returning with a bag full of odd-and-end keys he had collected through the years. He knew they would one day have purpose. 

That was kind of his thing. There was never a soul too worn out or tattered to be tossed out. He had a heart as big as the sky and wanted new life in Christ for every person he met. 

When Charlie passed, Elizabeth designed neckalces for each aunt and cousin as a token of his love for them and as a reminder to continue on with his legacy. 

From that point on, Elizabeth has desired to create beautiful, meaningful jewelry so that you, too, can have a piece of legacy.

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