The held Necklace is one that is close to my heart. Each necklace ordered comes with a printed card that reads:


When your soul is weary,
  when the battle is raging
  & your strength is little,
When your brokenness
  and discouragement
  is all consuming
And your heart is frail & worn
  remember this -
You are held.

When the trembling
  within cannot even
  be spoken,
When your world falls apart
  & devastation enters
When you feel so alone
  in the hard, in the dark
  in the unending climb -
You are held.

Like a wounded child
  running into the arms
  of protection & healing -
You are held
  by a Father whose
  unrivaled love
  will embrace you -
  wrap all around the
  deepest you
  and hold you through.

May this reminder
  whisper this truth -
You are held.

(Written by Lori Taylor Wickline)

This necklace is perfect for... well, you know the one your heart says it’s for.

~ 18” length with 2” extender
~ Silver or Gold Option

Held Necklace